We have offer Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery in Dogs and Cats since 2006. The “Love” Spay (laparoscopic-ovariectomy) is the safest and less painful way of altering your female dog or cat. The laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy is the best way of preventing the deadly ‘bloating”(Gastric Dilation Volvulus) in giant dog breeds. Abdominal laparoscopic exploration offers the best alternative when exploration and biopsy of abdominal organs is needed. Arthroscopic surgery is extremely effective examining inside the joints and also correcting problems while avoiding painful recoveries from very large incisions.
    A study published in the 2005 Journal of the Veterinary Medical Association concluded laparoscopic spays caused less surgical stress and up to 65% less postoperative pain than a traditional surgical spay.

    We have performed over one thousand laparoscopic procedures safely with less pain and a faster post operative recovery (your pet will return to normal activity sooner than usual) The risk for the patient is minimal since the total surgery time is reduced. We don't need to damage healthy tissue to allow the surgeon hands to reach the patient's target surgical area.

    No sutures are used inside of the patient  eliminating complications in the future
( no adhesions created internally in the abdomen secondary to suture reactions).
If you want to know what other doctors and clients have to say  about laparoscopic spay please visit   http://lapspay.com

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